VMUG Questions: Web-Client Vs vSphere Client Functionality

December 04

One question that came up at the Manchester/North-West VMUG at last weeks “training sessions” was when to use the vSphere Web Client and when to use the vSphere “Desktop” or C# Client. Generally, the advice is any NEW functionality or features are to be found in the former, and not the later. But as VMware keeps on adding new features release upon release its often difficult to keep in your head that list of functionality and when it was introduced. Of course, the easiest answer is to ditch the ye olde vSphere Client altogether – and only use it when you HAVE to. This after all some functionality that’s still only available in it. Anyway, I asked on our internal SocialCast if we had a document that would list the features available in either client.

That took me to a blogpost by Justin King written in Dec, 2012 (so it won’t be current with 5.5) that does a good job of summarising.

Apparently, there’s a KB article in the internal system that’s a work in progress. I’ve asked Justin King if he intends to update his blogpost on the topic for 5.5, and what the status is of the proposed KB article…



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