September 13

The EUC Book – Paper Back Edition

It’s my very great pleasure to announce the general availability of the “Building End-User Solutions with VMware View” book is now available in hard-copy (paperback). To be honest it was a bit of trial getting there in the end, because for the first time I had issues with getting the PDF processed by LULU. I took 4 attempts at submitting our PDF, and each time it got bounced out of their system because of an issue. It took sometime to get to the bottom of the problem – but it turned out it was associated with a problem with both the file size and fonts. Yes, fonts. You’d think any PDF would be printable because its an encapsulated format – unlike say a Word .doc file which needs supporting “font” files to render the document for printing. According to our print the appearance of some Wingding3 Font types was the source of the problem!

Anyway, the whole business was wrapped up just before I left for Palo Alto a couple of weeks ago, and our sample copies of the hard-copy arrived whilst I was at VMworld. It was a bit of disappoint not have a hard-copy at the bookstore at VMworld. With that said it was more of a “physiological” thing. We would have probably only supplied about 50 books which would have raised about $500 for UNICEF. In the grand scheme of things we sell more online than we would at a conference. But it would have been nice to see it up there on the standards amongst my fellow authors!

The next step for us is sorting out a listing on Amazon – that means acquiring a ISBN for the book, and paying a small fee to LULU for handling the process for us. After that there is an opportunity to get the book listed on

For now the PDF and hard copy are now available. There’s two URLs.

Building End-User Computing with VMware View (PDF)

Building End-User Computing with VMware View (Hard Copy)



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