October 4


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I run a regular (I aim for every week) audio and video podcast called the “Chinwag” and “Vendorwag”. You can listen/watch the podcasts on the site when they are published or subscribe via podcast feeder like iTunes for you iPhone/iPAD/iPOD. There’s one feed for both styles of videos – and I will tag which is which as I go along. Occasionally, you will see other video content published in the feed – such as whiteboard session or some educational video by yours truly.

The Chinwag is a head-to-head discussion with some figure in the vCommunity. This could be a fellow blogger – but more often or not its someone I’ve come across in my attendance of User Groups or via twitter. The chinwag is meant to be a just an informal chat between two people. Think of it like two people in the local pub/bar shooting the breeze – all about virtualization, cloud and end-user computing. It’s the chinwaggee who sets the loose agenda, and my job is to TRY keep my big fat mouth shut and let them get on with it. But as you will see and hear it’s hard to keep my irrepressible enthusiasm in check!

The Vendorwag is head-to-head discussion with an individual in the product team that aligns to virtualization, cloud computing or datacenter/infrastructure issues. I usually do a web-ex with the vendor to suss them out – often making pages and pages of copious notes beforehand. Sometimes I will even evaluate the product – it depends on naturally interested I am. The Vendorwag begins with “Elevator Pitch” to keep the “death-by-powerpoint” to a minimum. There’s the “Product Lowdown” where we look at the technology from high-level but technical/architectural perspective – and the third part “The Techknowledgy Demo” is a hands-on demo of the product itself. Generally, I’m trying to avoid the kind vendor sponsored “webcast” that essential a glorified infommerical. There are lots of banned words and phrases so if someone says such things as:

  • Single pane of glass
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Digital Transformation
  • Software-Defined-Anything
  • X-as-a-Service
  • Natural Synergies
  • Agile
  • “Lets double-click on that idea”
  • NextGen
  • Deep Dive
  • Customer Centric
  • Core Competency
  • Paradigm Shift

I will pull them up on it, and press my Staples “Bullshit” button!

Finally, I also dial into weekly live VMTN Communities Podcasts – it runs at 8pm GMT (or 12noon Pacific Time) on the Talkshoe Network – if you can’t dial in to the VMTN Podcast you can pick it up on iTunes. They use talkshoe over there – which is fine for chat but the audio sucks. Personally, I login to the chat to ask questions only – and use their Facebook Live stream to listen (and watch them as well) –