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The vSphere6.5 Update 1 vmWiki is sub-divided into a number of chapters, with each chapter representing a particular subject - and within in each subject a topic. For example Chapter 1: Installing a vSphere Host/vSphere ESX might cover the installation of the Hypervisor, as well as any ancillary tasks associated with that process such as enabling SSH or configuring NTP.

Each topic will in most case be supplemented by two videos. The first is an "instructor video" where the process has been captured with software, and you can watch a live demo. The second video called "Chinwag Discussion" is a brief video were experienced in the VMware Community discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different configuration options.

In vSphere 6.5, the company dropped the moniker of "ESX" in preference for vSphere Hypervisor. However, its is still referenced as "ESX" in other areas and within the community.

IMPORTANT No1: This part of the vmWIKI was started using using vSphere 6.0 U1. Later on work was continued with vSphere 6.5 U1. For this reason some images may show the old release number - however, the content has been updated and tested against the vSphere 6.5 Update 1 release. Graphics have not been changed - where no functional change has occurred in the product to save time. Additionally, a decision was made to change the domain name used from corp.com to corp.local. Some images may still show the old domain of corp.com - however where no functional change has been observed the graphics have not changed.

IMPORTANT No2: VMware have stated at VMworld 2017 their decision to discontinue the Windows release of vCenter in the next major release of vSphere.

IMPORTANT No3: VMware have already announced the proposed date for when support for vSphere 6.5 it will be discontinued that is Oct, 2021. For details about when various products reach the milestones for "end of life" consult VMware's Lifecycle Product Matrix: