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What is a Good Contribution?

  1. Subject should be a notable topic.
  2. It begins with a clear description of the subject
  3. It is clearly expressed for both experts and non-experts in appropriate detail, and thoroughly explores and explains the subject.
  4. It should include essential information and terminology, and is comprehensible by itself without requiring significant reading of other articles.
  5. It contains links to external articles or internal information that adds meaning to the subject. If possible, include interlanguage links.
  6. It has a neutral point of view, presenting competing views on controversies logically and fairly, and pointing out all sides without favoring particular viewpoints. The most factual and accepted views are emphasized, and minority views are given a lower priority.
  7. It is long enough to provide sufficient information, depth, and analysis on its subject without including unnecessary detail or information that would be more suitable in “sub-articles.”
  8. It is grounded in fact and on sound scholarly and logical principles
  9. All facts and opinions are cited from reputable sources.
  10. A VMUG Wiki article is the written work of its users; it will not violate another's copyright or plagiarize another's work, but its summary of information must still be completely reliably sourced; in addition, all quotes are marked with quotation marks and cited.
  11. Follows standard writing conventions of modern language, including correct grammar, consistent verb tense, punctuation, and spelling.
  12. It should include maps, portraits, artwork, and photographs that add to a reader's interest or understanding of the text, but not so many as to detract from it. Each image should have an explanatory caption and ALT text.
  13. Is categorized for better searching and easier grouping.
  14. The content shouldn’t contain marketing and sales speak or self-promotion, see VMUG Wiki Etiquette for more information.
  15. Knowing that editing may bring an article closer to perfection, but ultimately, perfection means different things to different editors.