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VMUG Wiki text editor

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The following article is basic information about the wiki text editor. This is particularly helpful for users who are looking to edit or post an article. When using these features, make sure to place your cursor where you'd like to format your text. By pressing each button on the text editor, the wiki will automatically populate the information you.

Text Formatting options

The wiki comes in two main text formatting options. You can make your text bold or you can italicize your text. To make your text bold, place three apostrophes before and after the text you'd like to use.

Bold Text '''bold'''
Italicized Text ''Italics''

Linking Options

Editor Button Wiki Markup Description
Globe - External Link [ link title] By pressing the globe you’ll be able to include your external link and display the title you’d like the external link to be named. Make sure to add the prefix "http://"
The larger chain link - Internal Link [[Link Title]] the larger chain link will instantly set you up with an internal link. Simply replace the Link Title with the name of the page you’d like to link within the Wiki.
Embedded File [[File:Example.jpg]] The embedded file will allow you to include an file name that has already been uploaded into the system. Simply add the name of the file and the file extension.
Signature and time stamp --~~~~ Add the following after something you’ve quote to left others know you have made a note. This is particularly beneficial if you would like to let other's know you have made an edit to an article. Note: In VMUG Wiki, your user ID number will populate in the signature unless you specifically change it in your profile.
Link [[|Example Title]] The link editor will help you easily add an internal or external link without manually having to do it yourself.

Special Characters

If you need to include special characters not included on your keyboard, instead of using HTML codes for these characters, click on the special characters dropdown menu.


The help menu will provide a small cheat sheet to show you the basics for editors who are looking for formatting tips on the fly.


There are two primary bullets for lists on Wikis. Bulleted lists and numbered lists.

Bullet Lists

*This is a top level Item
*This is a top level Item
**This is a sub level Item

Numbered Lists

# This is a top level Item
## This is a sub level item

Indentation and New Lines

If you would like to indent a specific line of text, use : before the text you would like to indent. If you leave a space before you start writing a line in the editor, the page will automatically default to the no wiki markup text.

:This is indented text

New Lines To add a new line of text, simply use the <br /> tag.

No Wiki Markup text

This section is especially beneficial for coders and anyone who would like to show text that doesn't follow the Wiki markup guidelines. Include the No Wiki tags or press the W with a red circle and a slash on the editor to call up the No wiki tags.

<nowiki>This is text that doesn't follow Wiki markup language</nowiki>