October 4


NOTE: I’ve not written a book since 2015, and I probably won’t write another – most of my content is now free, but miles out of date now…

I first started writing in a longer form about virtualization on my old “RTFM Educationblog around the ESX2/vCenter1 blog. These legacy guides are still available in the “Guides” section of the older RTFM Education site. After a while I graduated to writing books – sometimes with a publisher, other times using self-publishing websites like lulu.com. I have a “Spotlight” page over on lulu.com. Below are links to my books in reverse release order  – some of which are now free because I now regard them as “legacy”. Where possible once a product has been superseded I like to release the old content for free. That’s not always possible when dealing with commercially available material. If you click the thumbnails you it will take you to the relevant distribution location:

Building End-User Computing Solutions with VMware View (Free To Download/At cost for hardcopy)

Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.0 (Commercial)

Administering VMware View 4.5 (Free)

Administrating VMware Site Recovery Manager 4.0 [English] (Free)

Administrando Site Recovery Manager 4.0 [Spanish] (Free)

VMware vSphere4 Implementation (Commercial)

Administrating Site Recovery Manager 1.0 (Free)

Administrando VMware Site Recovery Manager 1.0 Actualización 1  (Free)

VMware Infrastructure 3: Advanced Technical Design Guide and Advanced Operations Guide (Free)