October 4


These videos are NOT intended to be a replacement/competition with the official VMware Authorized Curriculum. Remember to attain your VMware Certified Professional (VCP) status you must meet the requirements to do so. These videos do not in any shape or form meet those requirements. Also as former instructor (Novell, Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware) of some long standing, I can attest to the fact that online videos and CBT are essentially “passive” experiences which are in no way comparable to having an instructor-led event. Online videos and CBT have been demonstrated to have less favourable outcomes when compared to their more expensive cousin classroom-based training.

One thing I’ve been meaning to do for some time is put together a proper video series. Sure I had videos on my previous site but sadly I didn’t have the time to devote to building them out. That’s something the all-new mikelaverick.com site will be working on.

I’m going to start with what I know best – SRM, View and vSphere. But over time I intend to add videos about the whole range of VMware Technologies perhaps mirroring the structure and content of my “Hotel California” project. As I grow with confidence with the Cloud Suite of technologies I want to videos there as well.

I will make the videos free to download, and available in different formats – so hopefully you will be able to carry the videos on your laptop or your tablet of choice for offline use. The videos will be “water-marked” with some logo – so if you do see some greedy swine trying to sell them to the gullible people on Ebay please tell me. I don’t like to see parasites making money out free content. Please feel free to share the videos bit-torrent if you like, although I’d prefer folks to point mikelaverick.com to keep the hits up and my sponsors happy.

The videos were recorded to scale to 13inch screen or larger at a resolution of 1280×800. If you watching on your laptop or PC, then you might want to use the option to maximize the video to take up your full screen. This especially true when I crank-up the product for demos.

If you are watching on an IPAD you can switch the videos to full screen view by clicking similiar double-headed arrows in the bottom right-hand corner of the video too

My site on a rather hosting provider for streaming video but you might prefer to see these videos on my YouTube Channel instead where I have playlists for each of the different types of videos I create. You might also want to download the videos and run them locally on your iPAD or other tablet. So there are M4V versions of the videos available as well.