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The vmWIKI is sub-divided into a number of chapters, with each chapter representing a particular subject - and within in each subject a topic.

Each topic will in most case be supplemented by two videos. The first is an "Show Me How" where the process has been capture with software, and you can watch a live demo. The second video called "Discuss The Options " is a brief video were experienced in the VMware Community discus the advantages and disadvantages of different configuration options.

The source for this part of the VMUG WIKI is self-published book authored by Michelle Laverick and Barry Coombs. It is still available as downloadable PDF for free, and as an at-cost paperback. The book was written as community project designed to raise money for UNICEF. As such the content here is somewhat dated - the book was based around VMware View 5.1 and 5.2. Since then there has been a 5.3 release and 6.0 release.