Chinwag with Edward Haletky

December 17


This weeks inFRUSTructurewaggie is none other than Edward Haletky. Edward has been on the show many moons ago back when it was broadcast via RTFM Education, and he’s popped up on the MiniWag which I run at VMworld.

If you want to follow Edward there’s a number of methods. He tweets as @texiwill pretty frequently, and he’s one of number of contributors to the and he also runs the Virtualization Security Roundtable podcast on Talkshoe which is approaching its 100th episode!

To whet Edward’s appitette for the chat I came up with some flavoursome questions like so!

Q. Edward? I heard a rumour that you actually like the term the “software defined datacenter”. Are the rumours true – do you care to deny them? If they are true, what is it that you like about it

Q.So if the future is “SDDC”, does that mean that where we are is “Hardware-Defined Software” – after all a physical appliance is just software isn’t it – firmware in a switch, software that makes a firewall work?

Q. I know security is a big thing to you. So with out making my brain bleed out of my ears – what do you perceive as the major security challenges of the SDDC?

Q. Okay we’ve talked about network stuff quite a bit. Last week I fessed up to a type “datasores” – and you were inspired to write a post on the accidentally coined term. What is a datasore? Are their any datasores in the SDDC?

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