November 17

Music Videos

Every two weeks I try to post a song – that can take the shape of a demo of a new song I’ve written or a cover of a song I love. Out of all the platforms I post to YouTube is probably my favourite – mainly because that is where I go looking for music, especially live performances. You can find my “demos” across many platforms – so if you prefer Facebook, TikTok or Instagram you can follow me there for updates.

This song was initially called “The Robin”. I was inspired by a fellow singer/songwriter to write a song featuring a bird. That made me think of me and Mum who are both convinced a robin that visits us contains the spirit of my departed Dad. I’ve since discovered that the robin plays a part in folklore. Apparently, the saying is “When the robin appears, loved ones are near”.

I expanded on that idea to think more about people in our lives who come and go (like migratory birds) and that we wish we could see more of – that made me think of my daughter who lives in Spain, and a friend of mine who is in the local area from March-October, but then lives a more peripatetic life between the months of Nov-Feb. Many of my songs are like this – they are not about a single person or event – but a combination.

I was on holiday in Scotland, and whilst my friend practised her yoga in the room next door – I record this straight to my laptop – so the audio isn’t stellar quality.