Every month I try to post a song – that can take the shape of a demo of a new song I’ve written or a cover of a song I love. Out of all the platforms I post to YouTube is probably my favourite – mainly because that is where I go looking for music, especially live performances. You can find my “demos” across many platforms – so if you prefer Facebook, TikTok or Instagram you can follow me there for updates.

DEMO: Oh the mercy

DEMO: No one cried

DEMO: September has gone

I was recently on BBC Radio Sessions doing a QA and bunch of songs – you can here the whole lot on this playlist:


NOTE: This is a demo of the traditional song ‘Butcher’s Boy”  to which I’ve put a different tune and also changed the words around a bit to suit my needs. The guitar tuning is D-D-D-D-D-D or what has been dubbed “Ostrich Tuning”. Lou Reed used the tuning in a novelty song called “The Ostrich” before he formed the Velvet Underground. He went on to use the tuning in such songs as “All Tomorrow’s Parties” and “European Son” on the Velvet’s debut album

Note: “Gone Tomorrow” was written for the “Talent is Timeless” competition for Sir Paul McCartney. It’s done in style which I hope is similar (never the same) as John Lennon – so it’s not particularly representative of my solo material – it is an original song which borrows heavily from John Lennon and the Beatles. It was recorded in my digs in Consition in the Lake District using a single USB mic for both vocals and guitar.