I thought I’d use this page to store the nice things people say about my songs and music. I know, how vain right? But I thought it might be a good reminder for me when in moments of self-doubt I wonder if what I do is any good. But also I thought I should have it for anyone coming here thinking of booking me for a gig. You might like to know what other people think of my songs… Of course, I’ve cut out all the ones that say how dreadful I am, and how I should cease and desist!

Aside from Martin Stephenson (a musical hero of mine!) I’d have to fess up and say most of these people are friends of mine in the local music scene. I don’t mind that, usually, I’m hoping to impress my fellow local musicians!

“It was a real pleasure to meet and hear Michelle play last week –
beautifully crafted lyrics, great guitar playing
and the wonderful way she works with the foot-operated drone –
her poise and experience make her a great writer and performer.”
Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music