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Initially, when I started blogging it was all about my day job in IT. Whilst I still work in IT, I want to change this blog to more about music – either that I recreate or others create.

I regard it quite rightly that is my blog. I’m responsible for all the content here. Only by subscribing to these principles can we hope to make the blogger-sphere a place of independently-minded and trustworthy views. I believe that any content should be based on personal, first-hand experience.

I’m borderline dyslexic and my blog does NOT have an external proofreader – so I apologize for that upfront…


About Me:

As you might gather my name is Michelle Laverick, I was born in the area of the UK called “Teesside” and I currently live in Derbyshire. You can take the lass out of Teesside, but you can never take Teesside out of the lass.

I’m a big fan of music – both listening and playing. I play the guitar (6, 12, Baritone, Slide), 8-string uke and tinker with mandola, mandolin, and cigar box guitars too. I’m also the host of a regular acoustic session that I run in my town – as well as hosting DJ slot for Radio Free Matlock during the pandemonium that shines a light on the local Derbyshire Session scene – I’m also a member of the local community choir “Raise Your Voices” where our choir master is Lester Simpson (of the famous for folk circles Coope, Boyes & Simpson) and my local uke group. In my spare time, I hosted a monthly radio show on Radio Free Matlock – called “The Dark Sessions“. It basically showcases local performers in the session scene in the County of Derbyshire. I’m also the self-appointed (opinionated?) chair of the Wirksworth LGBTQIA+ group more popularly known as “Out and Proud of Wussa” – I helped put together the very first “Pride Float” for our annual carnival and helped curate monthly movie events for the group at the North Lights Cinema.

My day job is in IT. I would describe myself as a “TechKnowologist”. Sharing my understanding and knowledge of technology with others. As such the blog represents my views, and should not be seen as being reflective of my company’s position.