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April 22

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Firstly, I’d like to congratulate the VMUG folks over at headquarters for successful launch of the website. But my main reason for this blogpost is to make you aware of a new landing page for the FeedForward Program (I think its fair to say this is becoming a program, and is no longer just an initiative amongst folks like me in the community). In case you haven’t heard is a FeedForward is a community initiative who’s goal is to increase “user” or “member” participation in VMUG events. The concept/catchphrase is a simple one. Generally, Feedback to member of a VMUG after a presentation whilst helpful, and welcome – isn’t half as useful as help before the presentation. The intention of FeedForward is build a group of mentors who will check out your presentation before a VMUG – and offer helpful advice, tips, tricks and questions – so you feel better prepared. My dream/hope/aspiration is that every single VMUG will have a FeedForward mentor assigned to the group, who will not only support the membership should they wish to present, but also actively seek out and engage with the members looking to bring on new presenters. As someone put it its all about maintaining the U in VMUG to make sure there’s a healthy balance of vendors and members in terms of content.

Anyway, if you are interested in becoming a FeedForward Mentor for your group; Sharing a presentation at a VMUG event or joining the committee to further promote FeedForward, you need to toddle over to this landing page to express your interest…


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