March 28

California here I Come – Cloud Field Day

Very soon I will be heading of San Jose, CA for the start of the Cloud Field Day. Time has certainly flown not least with my sabbatical from the industry – together with a stint in VendorLand with VMware – precluded my attendance on this frankly rather wonderful event. The Field Day’s are organised by the Industry Legend in his Lunchtime, Stephen Foskett with the unstinting hardwork of a retinue of support staff. As delegate I can tell you they certainly dot the i and cross the t’s. I even have a letter of invite from TechField Day for US Immigration in case just case they get gnarly. Although I must admit my first trip to the US in two years was peachy smooth when I was there for the Ravello Bloggers Day.

As you might know – TechField Day’s gather a group of independent techknowledgists like myself to bused around and be PowerPointed-To-Death and Demo-To-Death by vendors operating in my case in the Cloud/Infrastructure space (different TFD channels exist for storage and networking folks). After the PPT comes the QA, where no prisoners are spared – and you can tune in live via the web to watch the slaughter.

OKAY. I’m rather sexing it up for the purpose of blog and promotion. I like to think that TFD delegates are respectful without being deferential – and ask the probing questions that you would expect a quality journalist to make of politician. Beside which vendors face as tougher question from people like you – customers! So if they can’t handle a room full of TFD delegates then they really are in trouble!

The LZ for next weeks TFD is here:

These are vendors we are seeing + one vendor who is coming out “Stealth Mode” specifically for the TFD….

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