October 1

VMwarewag with Justin King (Part 1 – vCenter5.1)


This weeks VMwareWag is with Justin King – he works within Technical Marketing with a focus on vCenter. I first met Justin a couple of years ago at VMware CorpHQ. I was in Palo Alto for my first ever onsite beta for Site Recovery Manager 5.0. There was a little get together for attendees and we got chatting then. Turned out our paths had crossed when he was at NeverFail supporting the OEM of the vCenter Heartbeat Server. This year I spent sometime with Dell in Texas, and knowing that Justin was local, met up for some nosh and beers – so could say we have been chinwagging for a while!

Justin has lived and worked in Texas for more than 10 years – but you might notice he has slight British tinge to his accent, that’s because he hails from dear old blighty originally, and he hasn’t quite adopted the 10-gallon accent yet! Justin is active on the vCenter blog, and is contactable (is that word) via the medium of twitter as @vCenterGuy.

This is the 1st part in a three part series all about vCenter5.1 – the first part covers core changes including the:

  • New Single Sign On (SSO) Service
  • Inventory Service
  • Installation Routines

In Part2 we will take a close look at the Web Client and in Part3 we will be focusing on the vCenter Server Appliance. That’s something I’m very interested to hear more about. This week I decide to rebuild my lab environment from scratch. So I’ve switched over entirely to the vCenter Server Appliance – and carried out a root and branch reconfiguration of my networking and storage. Basically, putting the pieces in to prepare for my vCloud Director exams – with the lab environment restructured around vCloud rather than being narrowly focused on SRM or View, which has been the case for the last two years. With such monumental changes coming through it seemed the best time to make the switch.

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