November 16

Chinwag with Stu Radnidge


Ah, Stu Radnidge an man of many colours, how doth one describe thee? I think I first met Stu at the London User Group, his antipodean interloper from down under, who plys his trade on the unsunny shores of UK. He works for a large bank in the City of London and has been active in cloud/virtualization for sometime. Stu is a re-turnee to the chinwag – and that might be a first for the show. But when I started thinking about the frustrations of inFRUSTucture I knew he would once again grace his dulcet tones on my particular airwaves.

On the subject of inFRUSTucture. I heard a new pun on the word the other day by fellow vExpert, Christian Mohn. He was talking on twitter (as you do) about how much he loves virtual appliance (I’m with him on that one!) and how they add “fun” to infrastructure. Not sure of the best way to mass-up fun and infrastructure – but some something like Funfrastructure or InFUNstructure might be another.

Anyway, I’m twittering wittering on. Stu recently ditched his blog URL and twitter ID for a new start. It’s something we chat about on the chinwag itself – and so I’m keen for folks to reset their links and follows – mainly because in a few short weeks I will be in the same boat. I’ve got another 2 or so months before depart this temporary platform and shuffle off to So Stu’s new blog location is:

Knowing I would have to whet Stu’s appetite for chinwag with some style questions this is what I proposed – and it formed the basis of our discussion:

Q. So Stu I see you have change your twitter id/blog. Have you sold out to TechTarget? What’s the story?


Q. Right. Joking aside I see you wrote a long post about SSDC – it was quite long. Didn’t get the end. For man with the attention span of gold fish what were you getting at?  So… SSDC does that “resonate” more with you than its bedfellow “cloud”? Once EVERYONE says they deliver SSDC – will that be the end of it – or will that actually be a nice place to be…?

Q. So what in your mind is the biggest challenge on delivering a true SDDC – technology, people, process – all three? Unpack each one for me…

Q. If SSDC or cloud doesn’t a happen – can the industry just muddle on the way things are now? If not, why not…

Q. People. To get SSDC – do you need to get rid of people. Restructure the inFRUSTucture?

Q. What is driving the change – Senior Management or Technology…. Both?

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