I was quite busy on Friday doing my own bits and pieces – to write my round-up of what my fellow VMwarEmployee bloggers have been up to this week. Anyway, it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m sat on my couch and thought I would start work on this post whilst there was a little lull in the afternoon. First up..

Duncan Epping:

Duncan has two post this week. The first is a round-up of all the KB articles associated with SSL and vSphere. He also digs through the “bandwidth” requirements for long-distance VMotion – it turns out its not the bandwidth that is the hard and fast requirement for support, but latency and the version of vSphere your using.  Duncan also has an interesting article on VXLAN, and when and where to use it. It’s part of series of posts on VXLAN including one how to configure which has recieved quite a bit of traction.

Michael Webster:
Michael picks up the new raft of SSL KB articles like Duncan. Michael has his own series of posts about correctly configuring SSL for vSphere, as well as project to automate the whole process for series of components (vCenter, SSO, and so on).  He also has an interesting post on changes in vSphere5.1 that affect the vCenter Heartbeat service – vSphere 5.1 and vCenter Server Heartbeat 6.5 Deployment Considerations
Alan Renouf:
Alan has a couple interesting articles this week – the first on pulling CIM information from an ESX hosts. It’s partly to do with improvements in PowerShell v3.0 rather than our own PowerCLI. As I understand it there is a method to do this from PowerCLI but then cmdlets within PowerShell make it substantially easier. Alan also has an update on the new VMware Knowledge Portal for the iPAD. To be honest I download it and was a bit disappointed with it. But it sounds like its a work in process with more and more information being added as the days roll by. So perhaps I need to check it out again.
Andre Leibovici:
Andre has two articles this week – the first is really an advert for a whitepaper by VMware Staff Engineer Sivaprasad Govindankutty, who has produced a long white paper which explains in detail on how the “View Storage Accelerator” works (sometimes referred to as the CBRC or content-based read cache). He has an interested article documenting non-supported configuration where multiple “View Composer” instances can be coupled to single vCenter Server (normally it is 1-2-1 relationship). It’s configuration that might be of interest where you have mulitple domains where there isn’t a trust relationship between them.
Rawlinson Rivera:
Rawlinson has couple of posts mainly promoting videos of the top 10 sessions at VMworld. The first is “Architecting a Cloud Infrastructure” which discusses various design considerations about cloud – its a panel session led by the VCDX crew. Although the discussion are based around vSphere5/vCD1.5 and is pre-vCloud Suite 5.1 release I would have thought many of the challenges remain much the same. He also flags up a session he delivered with Frank Denneman about the use of resource pools on DRS clusters (flagging up the usual mistake of using like folders!)
Massimo Re Ferre:
Massimo has interesting article to me (I’m learning vCloud Director) on how resource entitlements have change from vCD 1.5 to 5.1. If you know vCD well there are 3-models of allocating resources to an Organization’s Virtual Datacenters – Pay-as-you-go, Allocation and Reservation. The main changes appear to be the “allocation” model which introduces a new “elasic” model. This is where a Provider vDC can have more than one vSphere Cluster assigned to it – and the Organization vDC can access those mulitple clusters backing the Provider vDC.