A couple of days (or was it weeks!) I created my first Organization vDC using the pay-as-you-go model for allocating resources. As you might recall I allocated 20GB of RAM to the CorpHQ Organization vDC that I called “Test & Dev”. A couple of days went by before I experienced my very first “admission control” message. If you have been using vSphere for while the concept of “admission control” should be one that your familiar with – but if in case your not familiar. Admission Control describes a situation where a VM requires a resources of some description, but for some reasons that resource cannot be found or guaranteed. The result is that a VM fails to power on. When I was an instructor the analogy I always used for admission control, was mission control at Cape Canaveral. So at count down (10,9,8,7,6,5,3,2,1) just before blast off – they check whether there’s enough fuel the tanks for lift off, and to clear the tower. If there isn’t enough fuel then the launch is abandoned. It’s better that rocket/VM stays on terra firma, rather than launching and then crashing somewhere near a small attol in the Pacific.

So here’s watch the “admission control” message look like like in vCloud Director:

Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 17.44.19.png

So how to get my Horizon Application Manager vApp up and running. Couple of options:

  • Power off VMs in my Test/Dev Virtual DataCenter to free up resources
  • Ask my Organization Administrator to increase the resources

What I liked about the message was it gave me message – a message about how rapidly I’m consuming resources. It served as useful check on me creating more and more VMs in my Silver Provider vDC. In the end I just increased the allocation to get the vApp to start. I’m experimenting with having vApps powered on and meeting the “expiry” date and seeing what “feels” like from a vApp User perspective – so I want to keep all my vApps powered on whilst timer is ticking by.

You will be pleased to know I used the proper “esculation” path in order to get this resolved. As the vApp User (me) I asked the Organization Administrator (also me) who spoke to the vCloud System Admin (me as well) to get the allocation increased.

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 15.23.17.png

Note: This screen grab was taken some days after the event. Incidentally, I’m not saying that the System Admin who manages the “Provider” resource should just make the allocation model “unlimited” just because someone hits an admission control warning!!! 🙂