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Well, the new year brings a new podcast. I’m pleased to say that former chinwagger Lauren Malhoit has launched her first podcast. She’s been in the IT field for over 10 years. She’s a VCP, MCSE: Security, and CCNA among other data center certifications.  She first started out in support and has moved her way up the technical side of IT.  Currently she’s a post-sales engineer focusing mostly on VMware, EMC and Cisco.  You can follow me her twitter at @malhoit

Her second guest is non-other than the indominitable Glenda Canfield, who has been on my “Chinwag” show. Glenda spent the better part of her career in the EUC world, most with Citrix – in fact her twitter handle is @citrixgurl – but she also tweets under her own name too @glendacanfield.

You can listen to Lauren’s chat with Glenda on AdaptingIT here

The RSS feed for the podcast is:

If you prefer iTunes you can use this link: