Lauren Malhoit has been busy with her podcast. While I wasn’t looking she’s added further three further “Women of…” series. I being a guy who has softspot for cheeky puns, I like subtitles that Lauren dreams up! ūüôā

JJ DiGeronimo –¬†Women with SEO Appeal

JJ DiGeronimo talk sabout how she got into cloud, the book she authored, and several groups that she is involved with and runs. She also shares with us a new giveaway about enhancing your brand.

Irina Lentsner –¬†Women with Big Backups

Irina Lentsner and I talk about the role of the pre-sales engineer, backups, and Veeam – and find out more about the new Veeam Cloud Edition!

Brea Day‚Äč –¬†Women with ¬†Q n’ A

Brea Day is an experienced Quality Assurance Analyst.¬† Brea talks about what QA is and why it’s necessary.¬† Follow¬†@Brea_Day.¬†If you’re interested in researching more,check these links:¬†¬†Black¬†and¬†White¬†BoxTesting,¬†Fiddler,¬†Firebug,¬†Link Validators,XML Sitemaps,¬†Markup Validation