April 11

UK Northwest VMUG Meeting – Thursday 25th April 2013

Thursday the 25th sees me back in Manchester for the VMUG there. And this time I’m presenting – woohoo. Last time my colleagues from the EUC TALKED SO MUCH I lost my slot. That makes a change, I hear you say. :-p

I’m doing two slots. A ‘vSphere in a nutshell” slot – the intention of this is try and explain how vSphere works to the uninitiated. I know it sounds a bit odd. But you will be surprised to find out for how many this virtualization thang is all bright and shiny and new. New to you as they say on Ebay. Not sure how I will attack this – I’m thinking a combination of the iPAD with whiteboard app “Educreations” together with remote access to my lab at the colo might be the way forward. What I want to avoid is PowerPoint if I can…

The second session is more familiar territory – a presentation I’m touring around the VMUG this quarter (and last) about how I re-shapped my lab environment with vCloud Director in mind, some of my gotchas along the way and looking forward to how homelabs might look like in the future. At some stage I’m going to have stop doing this presso, and think of something else. I’m doing to do the official training for vCloud Director – Install, Configure & Manage – and I think then I will turn my attention to  passing the VCP-Cloud exam. I’m also down to do the “Foundation” class in vCloud Automation Center – which is where I think I’m going to spend next 6 months working with. Fun and Games!


Thursday 25th April 2013
13:00 – 17:00
New Century House
Corporation Street
Manchester M60 4ES


SCC Presentation: VMware in the Real World
vSphere in a Nutshell – Mike Laverick, VMware
SCC Presentation: VMware Horizon Workspace
Zero to Colo: vCloud Director in My Lab – Mike Laverick, VMware
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