I got this from Eric Sloof this morning – who I follow on twitter. Seems like the public voting on VMworld Sessions has opened. I’m pleased to see that all 3 of my sessions were approved as candidates for the voting process.

Mike Laverick’s Sessions:

4575 – Zero to Colo: vCloud Director in my Lab
This session has been toured and well received at various VMUGs around Europe this year – and covers my journey though learning vCloud Director – and how thinking about the cloud has shaped and continues to re-shape the way I do virtualization. It also a has strong nod towards homelabs, and how the vCommunity can scale up their homelabs to be able to take on the next generation of VMware Technologies.

4576 – VMware Horizon View 5.2 meets vCNS Edge Gateway…
In this hands-on and practical session, Mike Laverick (VMware’s Senior Cloud Infrastructure Evangelist) explains how to enable access to the VMware Horizon View Security Server and Connection Server – using VMware’s very own Edge Gateway for both firewall and load-balancing. This session will be of interest to both people who support VMware View and are looking for cost affective way of replacing hardware based load-balancers/firewalls – and to those who use vCloud Director looking for example of integration across the product suite.

4843 – Rapid VMware ESX Deployment with the Ultimate Deployment Appliance
The Ultimate Deployment Appliance (UDA) is a community backed solution (designed by Carl Thijensen and promoted by Mike Laverick) that automates the deployment of ESX (as well as other OSes) and is an all in one PXE/TFTP/DHCP appliance. In this session you can learn all about its setup, configuration with a live demo…

To vote need to have an account on vmworld.com – and then once logged in click this link. To find my sessions the easiest way is to filter on my name as keyword:

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And… whilst your there you might want to search for Eric as well 🙂 If you an independent guy (in other words not backed by some megalithic corporate!) like Eric is from the vCommunity. Let me know what your sessions are and I will promote them as I have with Eric sessions:

Eric Sloof’s Sessions:

4882 – How to create professional video tutorials

In this session you will learn how to create professional videos easily. You will get a walkthrough with some basic steps like setting-up you lab, using the right microphone and disabling other interfering software. Besides a lot of great tips for recording an instructional video, you will also learn how to edit the videos and use special effects to make the tutorials more attractive to watch. You will also learn how to import other content. Once the video is ready, you will get a heads up about all the different possibilities for sharing the video.

4943 – VMware High Availability Failover Capacity Demystified

VMware High Availability offers several options to configure failover capacity for a cluster. This session will show you the different options and their pitfalls. You will learn how to configure vSphere HA to tolerate a specified number of host failures. With the Host Failures Cluster Tolerates admission control policy, vSphere HA ensures that a specified number of hosts can fail and sufficient resources remain in the cluster to fail over all the virtual machines from those hosts.

5008 – vCenter Operations and the quest for the Missing Metrics (with Duco Jaspars)

This session will teach you how to customize vCenter Operations to provide you the information you really need for your business. You will get an insight of very useful vCenter Operations Manager customizations. We do this by giving you some real life examples from the field where we use Custom Dashboards, Super Metrics, Adapters and Alerts in order to give you the best possible view in to the well-being of your environment.

Chas Setchell – Independent Consultant:

 5631 – Got .50 Cents Build a Lab 

So you want to be a VMware Ninja, and have no access to real servers to build a home lab and learn on your own time. In this session you will learn how to build a production like lab environment for as little as .38 cents per hour that will enable you to learn the latest and greatest from VMware. We will take you on a step by step journey and in less than 30min from sign up to actually spinning up your very own dedicated server with full IP KVM access and have fully deployed AutoLab running vSphere, vCenter and some virtual machines and perform a vMotion. You will also learn how to create an image of your lab that will save the current state and allow you to restore at a later date, since servers are leased by the hour, no need to keep paying if you are not using your lab.