This article is the first from a guest on Tom Ewerling contacted me a couple of weeks ago asking me some questions about the Ultimate Deployment Appliance – as ever before I’d even scratched my head Tom had worked some of them out for himself. In case you don’t know Tom he tweets as @ETgoVirtual. Tom wanted to know if there was method of using UDA to update BIOS Firmware and BIOS settings.

Tom gives an overview of the process in his article. Put simply, the physical box boots from customized WinPE build which contain the update (in this case HP), and then runs a script to work out if the firmware is up to date or not.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 11.12.45


After some consideration I decide it was easier to take Tom’s work which is in a Word.doc file, and convert it to a PDF. That means if needs to do any update he can just send me the new version along, and I can upload the PDF to my site.

Thanks Tom!

DOWNLOAD: Updating BIOS Firmware and Settings for HP Proliants using the Ultimate Deployment Appliance.