July 11

VMTN Communities Podcast – EPISODE 238: IT Zombie Apocalypse, vCHS, vCloud Architecture Toolkit book

Since joining VMware last year its been my great privilege to play the role of co-host to John “Mark” Troyer on his VMTN Communities Podcast. It occured to me this morning that I could be doing more to promote his podcast through my blog. So I’m going to start doing a blogpost to promote this weeks show.

Firstly, some basics. The show is a live dial-in show, and you can call in and ask questions. It’s hosted on the TalkShoe platform. It’s not greatest platform in the world, but its the best that’s been found so far. If you just want to listen (and not talk) the web-page will stream it to your browser. If you want to ask a question I would (if your outside the US) use an VOIP service like Skype to dial in. The phone number listed is US +1 number, and TalkShoe doesn’t offer a range of region specific dial ins.

This week we talked briefly about the concept of “IT Zombie Apocolypse” the idea that somehow folks who work in enteprize IT are going to experience a career melt down as all our jobs get outsourced to the cloud. It’s not a concept I have great deal of time for, and seems like a snappy media ready term design to drive hits to articles.

We also have the folks from the vCHS and vCAT Teams talking about our new cloud offering, and an update to the vCAT kit – which is essential reading if your building a vCloud Director based multi-tenancy /service provider cloud platform.

If you want to subscribe to VMTN Communities Podcast you can do using iTune and such like

Alternatively, you can listen online below.

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