December 13

The Great Colo Lab Sell Off Continues… Update!!!

This week I managed to sell the NetApp 2040 Storage Array I have to a chap in the UK. Were meeting up next Tuesday to do the hand over… I’ve got another storage array like this to sell. In the end my last buyer opted to take a SATA based system of my hands (he preferred the capacity over the performance), so this is a re-list of the SAS based array.

NetApp 2040 – 1.5 TB SAS Storage Array

Update: Today when I was at the cool I noticed there power supply error on this box. To be honest I didn’t even think I had it plugged in! But I do. So I will be updating the ebay bid to reflect this, and contacting those who have/do bid of this fact…

Also listed today are 5 HP DL385 G1s. They have two sockets of AMD completed and the banks are full – bringing the server(s) to 16GB (although a memory upgrade would take them higher). They all have 1xQlogic FC Card in them, and one server has 2xQlogic FC Cards (which I used to practise load-balancing & multi-pathing configurations). There’s 3 of the original DL385 G1 that took the larger SCSI drives connected to Smart Raid Array, and 2 Servers that have the more modern small-form-factor SAS drives connected to internal SAS controller on the internal PCI Riser. All of them have 4-Gps NICs (two onboard, and dual-port card on the riser). All 5 servers are enabled for the HP ILO functionality. One of the servers is fully populated with the older SCSI style disks – which I’ve never really needed or used.

Of course, these servers are getting on – hence their price (£100 a pop) at a Buy It Now format. They have been working for some years without an error. I would say though that two of the servers have a warning about the cache battery being low on the internal RAID controllers. I doubt it would cost much to replace, and I’ve not hand any problems with these boxes so far.

HP DL385 G1 – 16GB RAM

Additionally I have 4 Lenovo TS200 Tower series servers to sell as well. These have 12GB each and one of them has the internal widget to allow full DRAC/ILO style remote console access. These have two on-board Gps NICs, and single SATA disk (230GB) – although the internal RAID controller card will take more disks if you need them.

Lenovo TS200 Tower – 12GB RAM

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