May 6

VMworld 2014 Voting…

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This year I haven’t submit a session to VMworld 2014. Never fear I will be there, either as co-speaker (assuming the session I’m helping with gets selected) or just as humble attendee. The session I’m hoping to co-speak on is actually a panel session.

Voting is now open to the public – so if any of these appeal – you know what to do!

1192 Ask the Experts : Design Advice for Small and Midsize Business

Brian Atkinson/Harley Stagner/Sean Crookston/Jason Gaudreau/Mike Laverick

It’s proposed by Sean Crookston who’s in my team. There’s a number of other sessions from folks in my team including:

1558 Why VMware NSX? Comparing your network virtualization options

Brad Hedlund, Engineering Architect, VMware

Sal Lopez, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, VMware

2342 Choosing the Right Cloud for Your Apps: Comparing VMware Hybrid Clouds and Commodity IaaS

Jim Armstrong, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, VMware 

2517 Panel Session – Customers talk about Advantages of Migrating from Competitive Platforms onto VMware

Haresh Khatwani, Product Marketing, VMware, Inc.

Multiple Customers Dierbergs, Exostar and Gridway Solutions, IT Executives, Dierbergs, Exostar and Gridway Solutions

1555 The Quest for the Holy Grail – Self Healing Systems Through Performance Monitoring and Automation

Thomas Bryant, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, VMware

2459 Your Most Important Data Center Decision: The Hypervisor Choice

Cameron Sturdevant, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, VMware

Stan Thampi, Server Operations, Project Leader, Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc.

Randy Curry, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, VMware

1195 Ask the Experts : A Deep Dive into Nested Virtualization

Doug Baer, Jim Mattson, Chris Wahl, Sean Crookston, William Lam

1307 Under the Hood: Comparing Virtual Infrastructure and Management Choices

Randy Curry, Senior Product Marketing Manager, VMware, Inc.

Sean Crookston, Competitive Marketing Engineer, VMware, Inc.

1360 Understanding the Forest for the Trees: Insight into the VMware Cloud Management Position Amongst the Crowded Vendor Landscape

Thomas Bryant, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, VMware

Ben Scheerer, Director of Product Marketing, VMware

1564 Virtualization Rookie or Pro: Why VMware is the Best Choice for Your Software Defined Enterprise

Eric Horschman, Product Marketing Director, VMware

Jeff Margolese, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, VMware

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