Well, I can’t believe it so long since I blogged on mikelaverick.com – my last post was almost a month ago. Anyway, I have my reasons – a.) i was very busy and b.) i went away on holiday. Myself and wife had  some lovely R&R in Lake Garda, Italy. Sadly, I was waylaid by cold/flu whilst on holiday – but for the sake of the holiday I battled through that. I ended up extending my holiday for another week to get over my cold. I guess that’s just Murphy’s Law – it seems that once you stop (go on holiday) you become more susceptible to picking up bugs!

Anyway, I was back at my desk on Monday – doing the usual catch-up on email and such like. Last night I had the good fortune to be interviewed by Steve Bruck of the vNews podcast – the topic is a subject close to my heart – FeedForward

On the show Steve questions me to find out more about the program, and we talk about the impact of, and importance of diversifying your skills beyond just technical knowledge and know-how.

vNews July 2014 – Special Edition Interview with Mike Laverick and FeedForward Initiative