Alan Renouf blogs at Despite the name, Alan or Al to his friends is most certainly not French. But rumour has it his family go all the way back to 1066 and the Battle of Hastings. I first met Alan via the London VMUG when he used to do workshops in the morning about all things PowerCLI/PowerShell related. Imagine that? Those folks were being “taught” by the guy who would go on to the be Product Manager! Just goes to show the hidden value of VMUGs, you often meet the rising stars of the future there…

I caught up with Alan at the VMware CorpHQ Campus in Palo Alto, CA. I happened to be in town doing one of my monthly catch-ups with the EVO:RAIL team, so it was great to catch-up with Al over lunch. As you might suspect our discussions were very PowerCLI orientated, but we did range around other subjects to including:

  • What have you learned about products now that you manage one? Much jive between your experience as user?
  • PowerActions
  • What’s new in 5.8
  • Why have you stopped blogging (joke!) but serious no blogs between June til Sept – is that life as PM


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