I’m always interested in meeting new comers to our community, and this guy is no exception. His name is John Troyer, and you should really check him out – because I think he’s really on track to become a big name in the future.

Okay, joking aside – of course, everyone knows who John Troyer is – he’s been at the epicentre of all things VMware since forever. Last year, John decided to go it alone and leave VMware to start his own venture – it’s called @TechReckoning. John also runs the @Geek_Whisperers podcast along with his co-hosts Matthew Brender @mjbrender and Amy Lewis @CommsNinja

I caught up with John at his home on coastal California in January. I was over in the Bay Area for the first for my two visits per quarter to keep in touch with colleagues on the EVO:RAIL Team. The light was fading a little as John filled me in on life post-VMware – why he felt the need to move along, and his new project is all about.