One the more pleasing aspects of vSphere 6.7 is the extension of the HTML5 client to cover more functionality. 95% feature parity with the Ye Old Flash Web-Client of teeth-extraction fame. Make no bones about it the HTML5 client above is the bees-knees – mainly because in comparison to its slow-coach predecessor it is blisteringly quick. Indeed, switching back to the previous version of the client that replaced the previous version of the client, that worked prefect fine – is an unpleasant reminder of how dreadful it was… However, there is something jivey about the way this simultaneous release of 3 different clients at one stage happened. This isn’t “Agile” devlopment its “Fragile” development at its worst – and sends a confused jagged and jarring message to customers. I would have preferred to have waited until 7.0 and full-release of a brand-new shinny clients. Rather than the HTML5 client being dribbled out in dribs and drabs.

I doubt very much if any customer purchases a product on the strength of the client front-end. I mean if they did with VMware they’d get a lot of bang for the buck when 3 of them were available. 😉 After all most customers are either automating much of the tasks it offers with PowersHell, or with some other overlay that abstracts away the complexity of full fat Web-Client.

With that said there is a tier of customers for whom vSphere is just 10-20% of their daily admin tasks (if that) and for whom an intuitive and easy to use interface is a must. Because unlike hard-core VMware-Fanatics like myself, they only log into it if the have need too. There’s some aspects of the new HTML5 client that irritate and some aspects that are broken.

Note: Is it me or is bug-eyed weird that VSAN doesn’t exist as service along side DRS and HA. But instead is a category within which there are services?

I’ve yet to see either the Flash Web-Client or the HTML5 Web-Client successfully handle OVF/OVA exports and imports – with me having to resort to the use of OVFTOOL to get a process that is reliable and dependable.