Well, you might have noticed my last couple of blog posts have been about this company, Droplet Computing.

I wondered if there was a bit of hint of a possible new direction for me? You’d not be wrong. I’m pleased to announce (sounds a bit grand, I’m not sure people are hanging on every one of my pronouncements!) that I’ve joined the company. I guess it’s like that old Victor Kiam ad from the 80s (70s!?!?) I liked the company so much, I decided to join. If you don’t get that referrence then you really are infuriatingly too young. Be gone with you! :-p

I first came across Droplet Computing more than a year ago when they came “out of stealth” (to use a bit of Silicon Valley-speak) at Cloud Field Day in Silicon Valley. I was immediately taken by their pluck and chutzpah. For me, it’s not just about the technology, although that plays an important part in the equation – but also the spirit of the company. What attracted me to Droplet Computing was how they were approaching the challenge of delivering applications in an entirely new, and novel way. In a crowded marketplace of server-based VDI, application sequencing and application virtualization – that is important. For a new company to stand out from the crowd and “move the needle” (more Valley-speak) you have to hit the target in three main areas.

(1)  Offer the customer a net-new method of solving a problem, and net-new opportunities to take a new approach.

(2) Offer value-for-money to customers especially if you’re looking at unseating an incumbent or making sure that you win out in any vendor drag race (even more Valley speak)

(3) Offer performance improvements, whilst at the same reducing the complexity associated with server-side solutions that inevitable incurs multiple servers or virtual machines, fault-tolerant load-balancers, and high-availability solution to protect data center infrastructure.

If you been around for as long as I have – you will have heard the “any, any, any” pitch original espoused by Citrix, and then co-opted by VMware…

Droplet Computing supports Windows, Apple Mac, and Linux. This achieved by leveraging the client-side resource of the Windows PC, Apple Mac or Linux Workstation. It might not have escaped your attention but many modern laptops now have the kind of resources servers used have a decades ago. Those resources are vastly underutilized, so that platform offers great opportunities to more the workload from the MOST expensive place to run any computing activity (the data center) back to one of the most cost-effect places to run applications. There are other host devices on our radar, but for now, it’s important not to bite off more than we can chew. OR if you enjoy Valley-speak, not “boil the ocean”.

[Incidently, Droplet Computing is a UK start-up so hopefully, we will be short on Valley-speak, and long British classic understatement. 😉 ]

Here really isn’t the place for me to “pitch” Droplet Computing. All that remains to say is I’m really excited to be joining the company at such a critical point, and I know it’s going to be a great experience, mainly because I will have SO many different things to do. Initially, I will also be responsible for creating and reviewing technical documentation (Hello Grammarly!), be a liaison between the customers and development for product feedback and contributing to the overall product strategy. I’m excited to be working back in “vendorland” and moreover getting my hands dirty with technology at the coalface.

One of my first tasks will be to develop and deliver technical channel enablement program. That will mean getting to know all the partners really well, and really listening to their concerns and priorities, and help them deliver the technology to customers. I’m sure over time as we grow, my role with develop – in other words I will be asked to even more with the same amount time! :-p

Finally, I’d like to give a shout out to my former colleagues at SureSkills in Ireland. You guys are a great bunch of people and for me were a great illustration of what being in a team really means. I wish you every success in the future. 🙂