Eric Siebert’s has opened up the voting for this years top bloggers in the vCommunity. To vote head over here:

Firstly, why is this important. The vCommunity is well-serviced by an army of bloggers who produce top quality content. That takes time and effort – which I think largely goes unrecognised – except at this time year. Think of the last time you googled a question and you got an answer from a blogger – heck, you perhaps even copied a sample PowerCLI script. So why not give 5mins of your time to recognise the many hours, days, weeks that bloggers put into creating quality content which helps YOU in your daily work.

Voting is based on four criteria – Longevity, Length, Frequency and Quality. As you know RTFM is RIP, what you might not know is I spent my first 6 months over on the VMTN Communities blogging site, as I served out my “non-compete” with the owners of RTFM, TechTarget. My home with is keep on doing the stuff I did over on RTFM. I’m blogging almost daily on my vCloud Director experiences – and I intend to keep that work rate up. In fact, for me is a return to the roots of RTFM because in the final years much of my quality blogging content actually turned out to be articles on TechTarget…

Anyway, I would also like to promote some other bloggers whilst I’m here in the hope you might vote for them (as well as me!). Top of my list is Eric Sloof ( who remains the only independent blogger in the Top10. That’s quite an achievement in my book considering how the other bloggers (including me) now work for large vendors which often gives them access to content that can only be created by being on the inside. I would also like to give a shout out to some of my buddies from the London User Group – many who are vExperts as well including:

Jane Rimmer – 

Julian Wood –

Michael Poore –