May 24

Chinwag with Dan Barr (@vDanBarr)


I think I first met Dan Barr at VMworld event, apparently I even signed a copy of my book for him. Anyway, last week there was some twitter chat going on, and I was looking for my next victim chinwaggee. So there I saw Dan had responded to a couple of my tweets in a humorous and informative way – so I DM’d him.  Dan works for a big EDU in Central PA and has been working with VMware technologies for about 7 years – he’s active on twitter and you can also find him on Linkedin as well.

In our little chinwag we talk about the politics and technical challenges of virtualizing Tier1 applications such as SQL. We also discuss some of the work he’s been doing scripting/automating/orchestrating with PowerCLI – finally we round out the chat with discussion about lessons learned deploying SRM in the real world – which Dan did at his previous place of employment – there’s hope that SRM will be introduced to the new organization he’s working at…

I  notice there’s quite a bit of lips out of sync in the youtube video. Not sure why. The local versions play just fine. But after being upload to youtube it keeps on getting mangled. Nothings changed about my normal method of encoding and uploading. So I’m blaming flash and youtube. I’ve been think for a while the quality of the youtube recordings (done with Skype & Call Recorder) aren’t as good as they could be. So for future episodes I will be switching over to ScreenFlow and just grabbing the portion of the screen – takes long to do but is HD quality…

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Posted May 24, 2013 by Michelle Laverick in category "Chinwag