Before I begin I have a number of people to thank for making this possible. I’d like to thank the sponsors for supporting the VMUG, without them there would be no VendorSwag. Secondly, I’d like to thank Tim Gleed (@timgleed) for donating is VMworld Bag at VMworld US. Tim works for VCE and has helped on the vBrownbags as well.

Thanks Tim!

I’d also like to thank that guy on twitter who gave me is idea. I’ve tried in vain to relocate you. But I’m afraid I forgot your name. Whoever you are – you’re responsible for this cosmic karma.

Well, I say this is the 1st. But there was a VMworld SwagBag award a couple of years ago that me and David Davis jointly ran. During my travels around various VMUGs I’m often attracted to the free swag on offer in the solutions exchange. Of course, there is a lot of rubbish to be sifted thru – pens, crappy 2GB memory sticks stuffed with docs (but handy for giving to folks when you have a lot of photos to share with family or as boot devices for ESXi!) mints and so on.

What I have done is collected the very best of the VendorSwag I could find and stuffed them into anniversary edition of the VMworld 2013 Bag. The bag and its contents can be won if you:

a.) Attend the UK VMUG on the 21st Novemeber at the Birmingham, Motorcycle Museum. REGISTER HERE! Right now there’s special offer on hotel for those coming to stay the night before. There will be lots of very interesting speakers and its great chance to network with your peers. Confirmed speakers include:

Joe Bagley (Fresh from being on stage at the VMworld Keynote!)
Duncan Epping
Massimo Re Ferre
Brian Gammage
Ray Heffer
Cormac Hogan
Scott Lowe
Matthew Steiner


b.) buy a strip of tickets from me on the day…


c.) your ticket gets called out… You must be there to win it – and you MUST where my stupid sunglasses for a grip-and-grin photograph.

All monies raised will be donated to charity – possibly UNICEF or perhaps a UK-only charity. Haven’t decided yet.


Drumroll. The audience has settled. The lights have been dimmed. The 1st Annual VendorSwagBag Awards are about to begin. How will win best luggage tag? Who will win best supporting mints? Who will best stress ball? Watch the video to find out…