So last night I was on BBC Radio Derby with my song “This time the darkness wins” (rapidly being dubbed “darkness” with my sound guy, David!) It was a short chat before the song and after where I very crudely explained the origins of the song. I feel a little ‘odd’ talking about the “meaning” in songs, preferring others locate that elusive daemon. But I don’t mind picking out snippets to explain them as sources – that feels the honourable thing to do – to explain whereabouts you have stolen a line or a tune. In the style of good artists’ copy, great artists steal – I like to reveal what I’ve stolen to avoid the charge of plagiarism. I see it as a badge of honesty for the thief to reveal they are a thief, as they wander off with a bag of swag over the shoulder :p

You can find the show here – and you can scroll to 2hrs 45mins to hear the chat and the song in full (not the radio edit version). It’s up for 29 days… and I’m on just after INXS and just before Jonas Blue & RANI. Still can’t believe I followed INXS in the running order 🙂

I’ve snipped my interview and song into this clip for posterity – as it’s my first (and last?) interview about music, and positively beaming – but I will wait until it’s fallen off the list on BBC Sounds before posting that clip here.